Filling in the Gaps: How League Leadership Roles Make Your Resume Complete

By: Alexis Kollay D’Ettorre

When you recently became the executive leader of a national women’s membership organization and you credit much of your professional development to leadership roles in the Junior League of Indianapolis, it’s clear your choice to serve the League was well worth it.

Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Chi Omega and JLI Sustainer Katie Gaffin has acquired numerous abilities throughout her successful career, many of which she believes resulted from League leadership opportunities.

“The great thing about the League is that you can gain so many new skills and try so many new things,” Gaffin said. “Everyone needs to try new things, especially things they’re not getting in their day-to-day job.”

Gaffin’s JLI resume boasts roles like training and development vice president, education chair, nominating committee member and chair, membership recruitment chair, bylaws chair, board secretary, personnel chair, and fundraising development director.

Throughout her professional career, Gaffin’s leadership roles allowed her to gain countless skills (in negotiation, event management, personnel, solicitation, strategy to name a few) that made her marketable and successful in her occupation.

Gaffin said, “When I applied for my role at Alpha Chi Omega, I had so much JLI experience on my resume and spoke often about the skills I gained.”

Gaffin shared her best advice when deciding whether to apply for a League leadership role. “Definitely apply for Leadership opportunities, even if you think ‘I’d never be good at that,’ or ‘I don’t know what that entails.’” She recommends talking to former leaders to learn more about the roles you’re interested in and seeking out experiences you’re unable to have at work.

Apply for a JLI leadership role this fall! Applications will go live October 1 and will be due November 1, 2016 for the 2017-2018 League year.


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