Hi there! My name is Kayla Ernsberger and I’m a recent transfer member to the Junior League of Indianapolis! I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself on this #TransferTuesday post!

I transferred from the Junior League of South Bend, which had ~100 active members. I recently wrapped up my term on the Board of Directors as the Community Vice President and the Done in a Day Chair (DIAD). Prior to that, I’ve served on the marketing, Thrift Shop, Holiday Ball and Chefs’ Showcase committees.

When I’m not volunteering, I’m a Property Manager for Buckingham Companies by day and a “wannabe-triathlete” on the weekends. My fiance and I consider ourselves foodies and we enjoy going on long bike rides (50+ miles). We’re currently training for a Century!

My FAVORITE part about being involved with the Junior League is connecting with the community and giving back. I’ll never forget “Adam” (name changed), a little boy living at the local YWCA. We were decorating seashells as part of a craft project and as the party came to a close, he presented his seashell to me. I said, “WOW! It’s so beautiful! Your mom is going to love it!” He responded, without hesitation, “No Miss Kayla, it’s for you. I thought you would like it.” “I don’t like it,” I responded, “I LOVE it!” I still keep that seashell in my jewelry box. I saw a beautiful quote a few days prior to that event that has stuck with me ever since…




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