Prepping for Spring

Spring is almost here, right? Between the roller coaster weather and the normal hubbub of life, bad cases of spring and/or cabin fever are popping up all over the place – yourself, co-workers, children. The big question is, “What can we do to get ready for spring?”

● Spring cleaning: It can be as quick and easy as cleaning out the t-shirt drawer to make room for new items or as in-depth as going room by room! Room by room your plan? Have all the supplies you need and wipe baseboards, clean the windows, vacuum under the bed, dust under everything.

● Plan a vacation: It might be a little late for spring break, but you could do a weekend getaway. Want to plan for a summer trip or get a jump start on Fall Break? Start now. Nothing cures the winter blues like planning a vacation to some place warm and sunny, like the beach or happy and whimsical like Disney World.

● Plant a garden: You don’t have to have a green thumb or live on a farm to have a garden. If you are in a small apartment a window box that goes over the railing or window could give you fresh herbs or strawberries. Have a backyard with extra space? Put in a garden, at the very least a garden box. A garden box is easy – a few boards and some fresh soil and you have a very easy to maintain source for fresh fruit and veggies that will take you long into the fall. Plant seeds or buy starter plants from your neighborhood nursery.

● Get a pedi and/or mani: Yes, it sound weird but it’s almost flipflop season! Get those toes ready! Make it a day of fun with some girlfriends, or your daughters, and you’ve got a fun, relaxing way to get spring ready!

● Get ready for March Madness: Indiana is a basketball-crazy state and if you are a moderate sports fan you can’t help but be excited for the next few weeks. Get out the fan gear for your school of choice, fill out brackets, host a Final Four party complete with killer appetizers and cool beverages you found on Pinterest. Not a basketball fan but enjoy filling out a bracket and proving you know more than your sports crazy friends, family and co-workers? Do it! And have fun!!

Whether your spring is buckets of cleaning and garden supplies or brackets and beverages, don’t fret, the warmer weather is just around the corner!


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